Resource Management Insights in Professional Services

Client Overview

Tek Experts is an international BPO and IT provider with a team of 4000+ people who deliver services in more than 100 countries. They operate across borders, languages and time zones and offer a 24/7/365 service.

Business Challenge

The company needed to improve their analysis processes by analyzing the historical trends and improve the speed and the quality of the decision-making process, by using interactive visualizations on top of the existing TalentWize platform they use. In addition, one of the main goals of the project was tracking and managing the employee performance and personal development. And last but not least the company aimed to improve data quality, consistency and therefore offer even more added value to their clients.


For their needs BULPROS delivered a PowerBI cloud solution with resource supply & demand matching, resource fulfillment, employee appraisal and competence tracking, including the ability to securely embed reports within internal tools. Some of the main functionalities that the solution provides are:

  • Project analysis and employee project performance
  • Capacity/headcount analysis
  • Employee 360 performance
  • Role-level security report
  • Security and TalentWize integration

Value Delivered

  • Clear picture of resource demand and supply
  • Transparent process for performance management
  • Insights into employee retention and attrition
  • Improvement of data quality, consistency and their completeness
  • Fast time to market